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Juice+ Software

Juice+ Charging Stations Management Software comprised of Backend system (SaaS), Juice+ Charging Station Management System (Juice+ CSMS) and Juice+ Mobile App. It’s designed based on the needs & unique requirements from different sectors, such as fleet, residential, commercial & so on. 


Juice+ is a Singapore home-grown EV Charging Platform, we have a team of professional to support our alliance partners as and when they need it! 


Juice+ compliments business model of  EV charging operator (EVCO), EV Charger Supplier & EV Charger Installer. 

How It Works

Juice+ CSMS is an open, interoperable, and hardware-agnostic platform. You may connect it with any OCPP compliant EV charger. EVCO or CPO can  integrate and manage EV chargers  from one central hub

Singapore EV Charging

Juice+ CSMS

Effortlessly track, manage and optimize your EV charging stations

Juice+ CSMS Features

Juice+ CSMS software is packed with features for every use case. We set the standard for innovation in the EV charger management industry. We make it easy for you to manage your chargers in the way you like.

Juice+ Mobile App

EV charging Mobile App is fast becoming a mandatory feature & complement to e-mobility offerings such as car-sharing, ride-hailing and parking services for organizations that offer, or are going to offer, a EV mobility solutions to their drivers.

Juice+ Mobile App Features

The handiest mobile apps for every EV drivers. Get what you need during your journey in one mobile app. Available for both Apple and Android phones now.

EV Charging Mobile
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