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Published on 19 October 2021

NTU Singapore and Electric Vehicle Charging Technology Pte Ltd (EVCT) entered into a technology licensing to transform EV charging management via AI

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and EVCT(Juice+) will be collaborating to carry out Singapore EV charging load balancing management evaluation under a technology transfer and licensing agreement

In Singapore 2020 Budget Statement, Government announced a clear vision to phase out conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and have all vehicles run on cleaner energy by 2040. Currently, electric vehicles (EVs) are the most promising cleaner vehicle. A clear target has been set by the government, 60,000 EV charging points to be deployed island-wide by 2030.


To achieve our national electric vehicle vision, intelligent energy load balancing management plays a decisive role in enabling the charging of multiple electric vehicles with minimal grid connection and thus saving high investment and operating costs.


NTU and EVCT (Juice+) have entered into a technology transfer and licensing agreement to evaluate advanced technology solutions for the electric vehicles (EVs) charging load balancing management.


The technology works on a predictive modelling powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and digital energy management. The system makes projections regarding load requirement and allocates the energy load accordingly among the EV chargers.


This technology works with Juice+, a smart EV charging & sharing platform, and taps on artificial intelligence (AI) to provide solutions that can handle EV charging traffic within limited energy capacity without compromising on real-time EV charging performance.


Juice+, a fast-growing Singapore home-grown EV charging platform, has positioned itself as a leader of EV charging platform in Southeast Asia and determines to accelerate positive change and transformation in the EV charging industry and energy sector.

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