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Juice+ Mobile App

Juice+ Mobile App
For every EV driver

EV charging Mobile App is fast becoming a mandatory feature & complement to e-mobility offerings such as car-sharing, ride-hailing and parking services for organizations that offer, or are going to offer, a EV mobility solutions to their drivers. Juice+ is the best Singapore EV charging mobile app that designed by electric vehicle drivers.

Key Features of
Juice+ Mobile App

Juice+ Mobile App

The Handiest EV Charging App. The Most User Friendly Mobile App

Integrated Navigation​

 In Car or Mobile navigation to nearest charging station.

Advanced Filter

See at-a-glance of connector type, charger status, charging fees and location.


Reserve a station at set hours

Charging Status

Real time updates of the charging status

Payment Integration

Easy cashless payment.

Personalized Notification

Personalize the notification upon charging completion, low balance in the wallet

Expenses Summary

A simple and clear summary & chart on the total expenses.

Referral Program

Earn wallet credits when refer a new user registration.


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