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We make it easy to offer convenient, affordable, and accessible charging for your employees and visitors. EVCT offer a range of comprehensive electric vehicle charging solution from EV charging stations, EV charging platform and EV charging app, and services. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

NTU - EVCT entered into a technology licensing to transform EV charging management via AI

19 October 2021

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and EVCT(Juice+) will be collaborating to carry out Singapore EV charging load balancing management evaluation under a technology transfer and licensing agreement. 


Launch of EV Common Charger Grant for private residential area

19 July 2021

Did you know that LTA has launched the EV Common Charger Grant (ECCG) for Charging Point Operator or MCST to apply for non-landed private residences (NLPR)?  Read more about the details.

ECCG for condo

Budget 2021: More incentives to encourage early adoption of electric vehicles.

16 February 2021

Getting a new electric car in near future? Read more about the incentives or rebates that Singapore Government has launched to encourage early EV adoption.

EV Sales

Factsheet: Accelerating Nationwide Deployment of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

4 Mar 2021

Singapore Government is setting the gear to accelerate nationwide deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Read more on LTA Factsheet.

All HDB carparks in 8 towns across S'pore will have electric vehicle charging points by 2025

4 March 2021

For Singapore public housing estates, there will have eight “EV-Ready Towns” by 2025 in different phases. Do you know where are there?

EV Ready Towns

Launch of Request for Information on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market Design

8 April 2021

LTA has launched Request for Information to collect the industry’s view on the  sustainable market design for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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