Juice+ – EV Charging

Charging Steps

Charging in Easy Steps


Connect the car to the charger

Simple – just connect the EV charging connector as normal.


Scan the QR code

The driver scans the QR code on the EV charging point with their smartphone


Choose the payment method

After scanning the QR code, the driver can open a mobile webpage, which offers a variety of web-based payment methods (e.g. Visa/Master Credit Cards, PayNow, etc). Top-up the minimum credit as you wish.


 Confirm the payment method

The driver confirms the correct payment method, and fills in the data that’s required (e.g. credit card number).


Reservation is complete

The screen shows confirmation that the reservation has been successfully made on the mobile app. Now the car will be charged until full, or until the driver wants to leave.


The vehicle is charging

The webpage confirms that the vehicle is being charged, and the driver can go about their business in full confidence that the recharge is running.


Disconnect the car

The driver returns to the vehicle and disconnects it from the EV charging point. There are no further interactions with the charger – the driver can drive off immediately.


Insights the charging details Juice+ mobile app

 All the charging insights are in your fingertips. Monthly, weekly expenses on the charge can be seen in one-glance.

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