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Charging Etiquette​

EV Charging Etiquette​

Every EV user plays a part in creating a considerate EV charging community. It is important to be more considerate and responsible when charging your EV so that you don’t inadvertently prevent other drivers from charging when they need to. There are a couple of things we should know when it comes to EV etiquette, especially at public charging stations.

Non-EV not at EV Charging Bay

Unless your car can make use of charging point, then this bay is not for your vehicle. Non-EV parking at the EV charging bay will not gain any admiration.

Charging Bay for Charging Only

When you are at a public charging point, charging bay is only for charging electric vehicle, not for parking. if you’re not charging, please move away from EV charging bay.

Be Alert with Your Charging Time

When Juice+ Mobile app alerts you that you’ve done the charging, please move your EV and let someone else have a go.

Leave the Charging Station Tidy

Put the charger and its cables back where you found them when you’re done using them. Don’t leave the cable lays or flops on the ground; wind the cable neatly and leave the station looking as good as you found it.

Never Unplug Other Vehicles

Please seek permission before unplug other vehicles. It’s  impolite to unplug the vehicles of other drivers, even if their car has been there a long time.

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