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Juice+ Software

Ultimate Operating System
for EV Charging

Juice+ Charging Stations Management Software comprised of Backend system, Juice+ Charging Station Management System (Juice+ CSMS) and Juice+ Mobile App to track revenue, users and energy output. Any OCPP integrated charger can be managed under one hub.  It’s time to say goodbye to the limitation of using only one charging supplier or model.

Convenient station management

Hassle free income

Insights to grow your business

Hassle free charger integration

How It Works

Juice+ CSMS is open, interoperable, and hardware-agnostic. You may select any OCPP integrated EV charger and manage from one central hub

Juice+ CSMS

Effortlessly track, manage and optimize your EV charging network

Juice+ Mobile App

Juice+ Mobile App – by EV drivers, for EV drivers

Juice+ CSMS Features

Juice+ CSMS software is packed with features for every use case. We set the standard for innovation in the EV charger management industry. We make it easy for you to manage your chargers in the way you like.

Connect & monitor

Connect any OCPP-compliant EV charger

Configure & view

Configure & visualize charging data in one central portal

Schedule & Set availability

Set EV charger availability

Group & manage

Divide data & access by site, group of sites, type of charger & user permissions

Set & collect revenue

Set end-user fees and accept various payment mode including major credit card

Track costs

Calculate energy costs based on local rates & track profitability

Customize reports

Automatic report generation for admins & end users

Set notifications

Customizable SMS & email notifications. For admins and end users

Juice+ Mobile App

EV charging Mobile App is fast becoming a mandatory feature & complement to e-mobility offerings such as car-sharing, ride-hailing and parking services for organizations that offer, or are going to offer, a EV mobility solutions to their drivers.

Juice+ Mobile App

Juice+ Mobile App – by EV drivers, for EV drivers

Juice+ Mobile App Features

Integrated Navigation

In car/ Mobile navigation to nearest charging station

Advanced Filter

See at-a-glance of connector type, charger activation type, charger provider


Reserve a station at set hours while allowing public pay-for-use at other hours

Charging Status

Real time updates of the charging status, time lapsed & total charges

Payment Integration

Easy cashless payment

Personalised Notification

Personalize the notification upon charging completion, low balance in the wallet and promotion/rewards

Expenses Summary

A simple and clear summary & chart on the total expenses

Referral Program

Referral Program
Earn wallet credits when refer a new user registration

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