Juice+ – EV Charging

Shared Parking

Providing premium EV charging experience to your residents and attract new residents. By offering convenient charging stations in your property, it takes your property value to another level. By setting the optimal charging price for your charging station, you can increase your return on investment by generating revenue from visitors charging or the residents charging. You can also get the insights to help you make any informed decisions.



Charging Stations
For Every Private Home

As an EV Charging spearhead, we understand your concern. Hence, we only deploy the high quality, reliable, robust, future-proof and of course meeting the TR25 standard charger from our partner. We have wide range of selection of chargers (Different suppliers) to meet your most stringent criteria regardless the functionality, uptime, cost, standard even the appearance. Example of the chargers.

Charging Software for Every House

We deliver a complete software solution to make the charging management easy. Juice+ ™ charging management software lets you track, manage, and optimize EV charging for your EV conveniently.

Installation & Periodic Maintenance

Our expert technicians will visit your house to perform a quality inspection & maintenance on the EV charging station to keep your stations running smoothly.

Optimize the charging schedule

Delay the charging start time after plug-in, to take advantage of lower electricity prices.

Insightful Report

Provide you the details information the way you need to help you make business decision.

Hassle-free Revenue collection

Set the optimal price to collect revenue from public charging or your residents charging.

Manage your Charging Schedule

Allow configuration of charging schedule by charging stations or sites.

Prompt Notification Alert

Prompt alert when charging completed or fault encountered in the station.

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