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About Us

EV Charging Technology Pte. Ltd. (EVCT) was founded in Singapore year 2020. Out of the mismatch of EV charging industry between the EV Charging Operator (EVCO) & EV owners, EVCT developed Juice+,  a fast-growing Singapore home-grown EV charging platform,  to bridge the EVCO and EV owner seamlessly. 


Juice+ is an intelligent  EV Charging, sharing & service Platform that provides one-stop EV Chargers management system to EVCO. At the same time, Juice+ handy mobile app provides premium EV charging experience to every EV user. It stands at the third-party electric vehicle charging, sharing & service platform to bring “Sharing” concept & benefits to every EVCO & EV user. We insist the relationship between the EVCO and Juice+ is non-homogeneous and non-heterogeneous.   Juice+ has positioned itself as a leader of EV charging platform in Southeast Asia and determines to accelerate positive change and transformation in the EV charging industry and energy sector. 


To bridge the EV owner and EV charging operator seamlessly. To improve the efficiency & convenience of charging and incorporate inclusive intelligence in the industry.


To become a leading EV charging and service platform in Southeast Asia and the world.


Customer centric, accountability, integrity, creativity & innovative

Our Practice

Build Sustainable Future

Adoption of electric vehicles is picking up. We believe in building a sustainable future by making electric vehicles the new world standard. As EV charging needs evolve, we set out to expedite the arrival of EV charging, shape the new technologies for the electric mobility of tomorrow and make it an easy one for everyone. 


We focus on offering the premium electric vehicles (EV) charging experience via the charging platform for everyone by creating a convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging network. Our name, EV Charging Technology, says it all.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Adopt Cutting Edge Technology

We provide a full stack of flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions from EV charging stations, software and services with the cutting-edge EV charging technology in the EV charging industry.

We ensure our smart EV charging software solution are designed based on the EV drivers and operators’ need. Because EV charging isn’t just our business but It’s also our passion.

Protect Environment

EV Charging Technology is committed to protecting our environment by providing simple and easy solution for EV operators and EV drivers to go electric.


We collaborate with proven track record global supply chain partner to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations while adhering to strict social and environmental standards.


We strive to make our EV charging management solutions simple with premium customer service experience.

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